Tuesday, May 29, 2007

internet scams reveal

Today, I was surfing the net and to tell you the truth I was so supprise to see so many unprofessional sites claiming to earned 10,000 in a month. That's just plain stupid. Often the scam sites look so attractive and offer such great incomes or rewards and they try to make you believe that you can get that much money in a week or month. They make me sick...

Legitimate business takes time, patience, hard work and experience to earn a huge income. Just like any other businesses. So do not fall for this - when you find a website with unrealistic income claims. Don't walk away - run away. The internet does not have magical powers to become a millionaire overnight.

If you come across a website that appeals to you, spend some time going through it and do not jump in immediately and part with your hard earn cash. Have a look for contact information, email address and send a message expressing your interest and see if you receive a response.

Some websites they might have a free newsletter, e-book, or few days courses. Take every opportunities to investigate if that business is legitimate. Check on the website if there are guarantees offered, such as 30 day free trial offer or 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy with the product.

Look for seal of approval logos on the website. These logos proved that the website is not a scam. You could also look up the domain name on DomainTools.com previously called Whois and see the registration details.

Sometimes if you see a business opportunity online that refers by so many other people. Take your time and put a little effort and investigate that business it might be the one you are looking for.

Until the next episode...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Make Real Money and Avoid Scams

Don't pay for any rich quick or work from home opportunity until your read this free information.

Business opportunities are mulitply everyday that promise to make you rich. Many of these rich quick scheme want you to buy a small fee and they will show you how to make thousands of dollars everyday working only 30 minutes a day. Yeah whatever!

Here me out, internet business is just like any other businesses out there. You have to put time and effort to be succeed and if there's something that sound too good to be true. Maybe it is...

The truth is more than 90% of these internet businesss are scams and thousands of people waiting to defraud you out of your money.

But if you going into this business knowing what to do, you can make real money on the internet without spending your hard earn cash on some lame crap opportunity that doesn't work.

So the question is - How can you tell a genuine business from a scam? Being scams so many times in the past I have learn things the hard way. Unfortunately, it's not getting any easier as new software and internet tools invented everyday to protect you from scammers. The smarter these people in developing ways to empty your pocket.

But there are hopes and ways you can easily spot genuine businesses from scams:
  1. Don't be fooled by pictures of cars, homes, boats etc on some websites. Most of these rich webmaster don't own them.
  2. Almost everyone own a website is an expert e-entreprenuer or a internet gurus. Well, thats what they all said but are they telling you the truth or they just want you to buy their products? I will prefer someone who have been there and tested different business opportunities.
  3. Testimonial - most of the testimonials on these websites a nicely done on a photo studio. Some testimonial i know that website owner just write it down but seriously who is going to check on them.
  4. You' ve probably seen dozens of websites showing check stubs and daily revenues. Don't get carried away with excitement when you find a website making such unrealistic income claims.
  5. Free advertising - The biggest lie that anyone will ever tell you about the internet is that it's free. If there's something for free there is a catch. If it's for free why would anyone waste there time and money doing that.

In this business, it's all about PROOF - Just like on a Crime Scene Investigation movie, no evidence no case.

What you need is a rock solid proof that a business opportunity will deliver what they preach.

A good example of this is The Rich Pom webiste base in Sydney Australia. What really makes me believe this guy is his advertising campaign on prime TV , radio station and newspaper. He features as the number one business opportunity online on 9 MSN homepage, current affairs, celebrity radio like Kyle and Jackie O show, Mix 106.5 FM, My Career, Ticketek, Sydney Morning Herald. One thing I know for sure is that any product or services that advertise on high prime TV network, Radio or news paper have to be check by their legal team.

I have done my research on this guy and so as many other people out there. The Rich Pom is running a business call Affiliate Marketing and many of you have heard of it already. But the good news is that it's new here in Australia and we can clean up here while there is less competitions compare to Europe and America.

The Rich Pom doesn't invent Affiliate Marketing that what makes me believe that this business is genuine. Not to mention that big major financial institutions such as Westpac, Citibank, Anz and even airlines (Qantas, Virgin Blue and British Airways) use Affiliate Marketing too. His clever ideas and tips is what make his business taken Australia by storm.

For Further information go to www.sharemoneyonline.com